March already?! 😯

I twisted my ankle getting out of bed this morning…it’s still hurts as I type this. I’m really not a clutzy person. Here’s the story…try not to laugh. πŸ˜‰ I was sleeping flat on my back with baby fast asleep too on my chest. She must have gotten to hot and start fidgeting and squirming and then we both were dozing rather than sleeping. I swung my right leg out of the bed to get up and put her in her crib. As I sat up, swung my other leg around and put weight on the first, I collapsed! Quite literally fell right over. Cause? My right leg had fallen asleep and I was totally unaware of the fact! I sat on my foot while it twisted under me. Fortunately, I was holding the baby in my left arm and so was on the “uphill side” and unscathed. I, however, was moaning and groaning with pain. Dh? Totally sleeping through it all! Baby started crawling around in the dark on the floor and crying. I had to call to husband at least a couple of times to get the baby because I couldn’t stand up. Not only was my ankle throbbing – my leg was still asleep! πŸ™„ Dh got the baby into her crib and stumbled back to bed himself. Me? Left on the floor suffering! LOL He was so tired not much was phasing him. Thing of it is, this leg has experienced many injuries…one of which was breaking this ankle in a similar way in the 3rd grade. I was running in PE, stumbled and then sat on the foot while it was twisted under me. A spiral fracture that left me in a brace and on crutches for weeks. *ugh* for an 8yo! So, as I sit here typing this and having been on my feet all day, it’s still throbbing and my shoe feels tight. I’m thankful though that it’s not broken again and I have been able to get around and care for my family!

Quick change of topic…

I sat down with all the seeds in my possession yesterday and made some prelimenary garden plans. I’m not sure if I’ll even get to have a garden again this year…or if we will even still be in this house…but I have a plan to impliment if all works out that I can. I’ll share my plans tomorrow in the garden blog.

‘Til next time…Blessings to all! πŸ™‚