This month seemed to go a little slower. Probably because it was pretty uneventful.

(Pathetic) Egg Report

3/4 1 (L – small)
3/5 1 (L – small)
3/7 1 (L – small)
3/10 1 (F? – small, a bit darker – usually hers are slightly darker)

Total = 4 measley (and I do mean measley!) eggs for March 2006. *sigh*

Snow Report

3/6 ½ inch
3/7 3 3/4 inches
3/8 A whopping 44F! Needless to say, the last bit of snow we received disappeared quickly. 😉
3/19 – 3/20 5 inches

Total = 9 ¼ inches for March 2006.

I still haven’t tallied a year accumulation and at this point I’m probably going to forget it entirely.

3/4 We finally set up a highchair earlier in the week for P. At first we were just feeding her but then today I decided to put some bread pieces on the tray to see what she’d do. She leaned over and tried to “lick” them off the tray or pick them up with her mouth. She didn’t think she was supposed to touch them because we’ve diligent about everything she’s picked off the floor saying, “No, no. Not for your mouth.” (Except her toys of course. Although, our children have never been ones to chew on their toys either…) Anyway, I told her it was ok and took her hand to show her it was ok to pick them up and then guided her hand to her mouth. The first couple of times she dropped the piece confused and tried to lean over and get it with her mouth again. A couple more tries and she got the idea. Now, there’s no stopping her! And, boy was she pleased with the praise she received from Mama and all her siblings! 🙂

3/26 Q. turned 3 years old today!!

He’s sweet as pie and strong as an ox! We love this little man of ours more than words can say! 🙂

That wraps up March! Pretty short…but it made for a more or less relaxed month. 😉

Blessings until next time!