Nothing all month. 😦


4/13/06 P.’s 2nd tooth finally broke through!! (The other bottom incisor.) She’s been working on this one since the beginning of February. She’s been the toughest teether we’ve had… *sigh*

4/26/06 P. said “doll” and “yum” today! She’s following in her brother Q.’s footsteps…quick as a whip but content to communicate nonverbally – gestures mostly but a few squeals and other “noises.” That, and like her brother, she has plenty of people to *anticipate* her needs making it almost unnessecary to have to talk. 😉

4/29/06 P.’s 3rd tooth is in!! Happily, this one arrived much sooner. 🙂 It had actually been perpetually on the heels of the previous but it was hard to tell if they’d poke through at the same time or not or if after the second time would drag out for the third as well. This is the left top incisor. The one next to it looks about ready too…but we shall see. 😉


4/16/06 Resurrection Day we spent it with our church family! Dinner was a potluck after our service (which is held in the afternoon). My parents came up to join us the night before with plans to return home the day after. Pleasant company, pleasant meal, a pleasant celebration remembering our Father’s and Christ’s gift to us. Praise be to God! 🙂


We have had a wonderful turn in our business ventures! For the last month, dh has been making knives for the Eagle River Knife Company! (Tell them Wayne sent you! 😉 ) How it came about is really Providential! We started listing knives again on Ebay at the end of Jan./beginning of Feb. Around the end of Feb., a gentleman contacted us inquiring about wholesaling a large number of knives and wanting to meet with dh. Dh met with what turns out to be the owner (he and his wife operate the business themselves) the first week in March and he immedietly ordered 79 knives! He said that he will be able to sell as many knives as dh is able to produce! Through April, dh has made a few more knives for him as well as working hourly sharpening those he’s made and others the ERKC owner had in stock. He is also “marking” the knives for them – adding a “watermark” in a sense. They have also asked him to work at their both this summer at the local “farmer’s market” which is every weekend for 18 weeks – basically the whole summer (beginning mid-May and ending in September).

It seems like **BAM** after years of struggling to get a knife business going, we’re suddenly in the thick of it! 🙂 Dh has been working toward this goal (wholesaling his knives) for quite a while but we seemed to be stalled at every turn. Just when we were beginning to feel great discouragment and if we should make another attempt, the Lord seemed to drop this in our lap! We have been praying for years that dh would be able to set up shop here at home and that he could get all his research “off the ground.” It is definitely an answer to prayer…but in an unexpected way. There are still many details to work out but it seems that many of the obstacles we faced may be solved in one way or another in what seems to be a great “symbiotic relationship”! 🙂 I’ll be updating with more details in the months to follow as things get ironed out… Suffice it to say, “Yay God!!! Thank you soooo much!” [huge *sigh* of relief!]


4/2/06 Snow = 3 ½ ” Yesterday it was 35 ° F, today it warmed to 38 ° F!

4/3/06 Spitting snow and 38 ° F!

4/4/06 50 ° F!!

4/5/06 51 ° F!!

4/6/06 Snow = 1 ”

4/24/06 Snow = 1 ”

Total = 5 ½ ”

The snow is clearing quickly but not as quickly as expected. Except for the few warm days listed above, the temps have mostly been hovering in the high 30s. This has been good though in that, while the water is seeping into the basement (per usual), the flooding isn’t as bad as it could be – and has been the last few years. Another plus, with the overcast days and the steady temps, the front yard is clearing at an even rate with the back yard. No shoveling snow into the driveway to speed things up for me this year. 😉 This is the most snow storms I remember in April though (although the amount wasn’t very much each time) and we’re hoping the one this past week is the last for the season.

That wraps up April 2006! Relatively uneventful but it seemed to go fast again. A relatively slow spring too so we are looking forward to what May brings us weatherwise and otherwise. 🙂