5/09/06 1 (L – small) The first egg of what will hopefully be a new consistent laying season!

5/11/06 1 (L – small)

5/13/06 1 (L – small)

5/1/5/06 1 (L – a little larger, possibly up to medium now)

5/16/06 1 (L)

5/17/06 1 (L)

5/18/06 1 (M’s first egg of the season – large)

5/20/06 2 (L & M) (M’s Xlarge)

5/21/06 2 (L & M) (M’s Xlarge)

5/22/06 1 (M – Xlarge)

5/23/06 1 (L)

5/24/06 1 (M – Xlarge)

5/25/06 3 (L, M & F) (F’s first egg of the season!) (Yay – Max. amount!) (F – small, M – Xlarge)

5/26/06 1 (M – Xlarge)

5/27/06 2

5/28/06 2

5/29/06 2

5/30/06 2

5/31/06 2 (L & M)

Total Egg Count = 28 Yay!! The new laying season is off to a great start! 🙂


5/4/06 P. said “no-no” when I stopped her from unfolding some of her clothes that I had sorted and stacked in the bedroom. She’d reach for them and I’d say “no-no” and take her hand away. One of the other children came to ask a question and distracted me for a moment and when I turned back there she was busily grabbing and tossing. As I came up to her, she hurried at her task a little more and said “no-no”! It was all I could do not to burst out laughing and praise her! 😉 I calmly took her away from her little “mess” and repeated myself and set about putting everything to rights…but inside I was bursting with glee that she added another word to her vocabulary! So far though, again like her brother Q., she says something once and then doesn’t repeat it. It’s like she’s showing us she can to satisfy us but that’s all we get. 😉 Actually, with this one, I think it will suit me just fine if she doesn’t repeat it…

5/13/06 P.’s 4th tooth is in!! Top right central incisor. I’m so glad this one only took a couple of weeks from the last one. The upper lateral incisors are swollen too so we shall see how soon she gets them…

5/17/06 P. very sick! Just over a year old and this is the first time she’s been sick and it’s a doozy! 😦 She had a sniffle or two over the winter but nothing really to speak of…nothing that lasted more than a day or two. Anyway, she seemed fine this morning and ate well. She was a little warmer to the touch than normal but I didn’t think it was serious as she seems to be constantly teeth and chalked it up to that. She seemed a little sleepier than normal but still went for her nap at her regular time. She was still sleeping soundly 3 hrs. later which, again, was normal (on occasion – her naps range from 2 -3 hrs.). Dh woke her up though as we needed to do some errands and she was really hot and fussy – didn’t want to “get up” – that was unusual. At first I thought she might have gotten too warm – too many blankets, heat up too high, etc. – and was just feeling lethargic from that. So, I sat with her a while to let her cool down and wake up more slowly. She seemed to be doing just that – the waking up anyway – when all of a sudden, my oldest daughter said, “Eww, Mom! I think P. just threw up!” I had been reading a mag. and I hadn’t heard or felt anything but when I looked down at her legs and my apron indeed she had thrown up. I took off my apron and changed her clothes and by the time I was done she was more cheerful and smiley but she was still really hot. Since she seemed to be more relieved and in better spirits, we decided to head out to do those errands on dh’s list. All through the ride, P. was fine. She didn’t want to eat much dinner but she did nurse well and fell asleep with me in my bed. We let her sleep with us a while. She still had a fever and laying her on her cool sheets in her crib seemed to relieve her as she let out a big sigh when her face felt them. Hopefully, with a good nights rest, she’ll be on the mend and better in the morning.

5/18/06 P.’s fever broke around 9am. She woke around 5 or 6am fussing and wanting to nurse. I could tell by her eyes that she was miserable. Knowing how dehydrated one can be/feel while sick, I let her nurse until she totally sacked back out again. She didn’t seem to have a sore throat and her ears didn’t seem to be bothering her but I was really concerned about how hot she was so I didn’t put her back in her crib but let her sleep on my chest. All the other children must have been really tired as I didn’t hear a thing until P. started stirring again around 9am and that’s when I noticed she wasn’t hot any more! Her eyes, although worn out looking, were “bright” and she was chipper and giggling about poking at my eyes to wake me up fully. 😉 Hopefully, it was a “24 Hour” type bug and she’s on her way to wellness now.

P. is worse again this afternoon! She was feeling a little warm again before I laid her down for a nap and when she woke
she was grouchy and clingy. Her fever was back again “en force” and she was definitely not wanting to eat. She did drink plenty of water and wanted to nurse as well so, again, her throat doesn’t seem to be bothering her. Her eyes are kind of red and she just has that weary/worn out look. 😦 My parents arrived for an overnight visit and decided to sleep at my aunt’s house. I’m hoping noone else turns up sick…what a barrel of fun we’d be then. 🙄

5/19/06 P. had a high fever *all* night! I took her temp around mid-night – 1am and it was 103 ° F! 😯 I was really getting concerned and let her sleep with me – on my chest at times or in the crook of my arm so she was constantly where I could see her. I also periodically bathed her poor little head with cool water. I had tried it the night before but she didn’t like it. It seemed to bring her relief this night though as the first time I laid the cloth on her she let out a big sigh. We all slept in (except dh)…we’ve had quite a late schedule lately with the children trying to get used to the late daylight hours. 🙄 Anyway, we were just getting up when my parents came up from my aunt’s to spend the day. P. nursed and stayed up for a little while but you could tell she was exhausted so I put her in her crib and the cool sheets were welcomed by her although her fever seemed to be down quite a bit again. She slept quite a while and when she woke mid-afternoon her fever was broken again, she was in good spirits again (although the “weariness” seemed to be clinging a bit) and she was hungry for some solid food! Yay! 🙂

5/20/06 P.’s fever stayed away and she’s getting back to her old self again fast. Praise God!


5/14/06 I’m so thankful that God has made me a Mother 6x! 😀 We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary – dh had to work at the Market all day (2nd weekend). The children and I just hung around home relaxing and reading. The girls took care of the kitchen tasks without my prompting though – that was a nice gift! 😉 They and the boys also made me some very sweet cards! And, dh did bring me some lovely flowers he picked up at the Market! It was a pleasant day all-in-all. While I was relaxing, I thought often of my dear sil who is celebrating her 1rst Mother’s Day this year and sent her an e-card that evening when I was able to get online. Praise God for His most wonderful Blessings! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

5/23/06 My man and I celebrated 14 Years of Matrimony today! I stand in amazement at what God has brought us through and continues to sustain us through. I’m amazed at how much more I love dh with each new day despite the rough patches! He knows the best of me…and the worst…and yet there isn’t anyone I’d rather have by my side! Not only is he “tall dark and handsome” 😉 , he’s intelligent, hard working, trustworthy and sensitive! What more could a woman want or need ❗

5/26/06 – 5/30/06 T. and children out of town at her parent’s place for Memorial Weekend.


We’ve made a few knives this month but mostly we’ve been assembling blades with handles that the ERKC had in stock. The sharpening has slacked off…they pretty much have as many as they need right now. Marking continues though. We would really like to move both those operations home along with the making/assembling. He’ll sharpen again as the need arises and both will continue to be done in Eagle River for now which means continuing to “commute” for dh. The Anchorage Market began the 7th and dh did it for three weekends. The children and I were out of town at my parents over Memorial Weekend because we thought he’d be working it. It turns out that business has been slower than normal though and they’ve agreed that dh needs to focus more on making knives at this point rather than selling. He’ll still help with set up and tear down I think. Anyway, we are playing it by ear with the Market at this point.


5/19/06 1rst official bear siting of the year! Mother black bear and two cubs were exploring the back of dh’s pickup! We did have a bag or two of trash in there as we were gathering stuff for a dump run. My parents were visiting, it was midmorning and I was just getting into the shower when everyone started hollering at me. I quickly got a towel around my dripping hair and my bathrobe on to see what was up. I certainly didn’t want trash around the yard…I must have looked great standing on the front porch yelling at them and waving my arms around! 🙄 I did manage to get a few pictures before hand though. 😉

5/26/06 I had a “showdown” with the 3 above mentioned bears to protect our chickens! Mostly with the two cubs. Man are they persistent. 😐 [grumble-grumble] Throwing things at them, spraying them with the pressure hose, yelling, waving a towel at them… *whew* One of the cubs scampered up a big spruce near the shed and tried to go out on the branch to get closer to the chickens but he found the drooping end of the branch disconcerting. 😉 The other pounced on, picked up in his mouth, sniffed at, etc. everything I threw at them not in the least bit concerned. 🙄 If only my aim were better. 😛 He even closed the distance by at least half at one point and I seriously began to think I’d have to shoot off a round. Try scaring them first of course… In fact, a man shot a bear a few days before over the hill a bit from us in defense of his chickens. (The bear manage to get one first I think…) Anyway, I finally had one of the children bring me a bb-gun. I wanted something stronger but didn’t want to leave my post to go get it. It wouldn’t have taken me very long but I wanted to think of other alternatives so that a massacre wouldn’t happen in front of my children’s eyes while I was off for the shutgun. The sow grunted at them though about that time and they ambled off into the woods. I stood guard for another 15 min. or so just in case. They didn’t come back and haven’t so far (the end of the month). We left for the weekend knowing they’d be safe though as dh wasn’t going to have time to let them out into their pen.


5/23/06 I switched our room with the children’s room. If you have been reading for a while, you know our children are sharing what used to be the schoolroom and we’ve been in the guestroom because of our annually flooding basement. We had begun walling off the basement for bedrooms and had been sleeping down there until about three years ago when we experienced the worst flooding since we’ve owned this house. Anyway, I needed to get them out of the schoolroom because it’s also where the majority of our toys are kept and the boys just wouldn’t stay out of them – getting them out at bedtime, on waking, in the middle of the day. The girl’s were really burdened in helping keep that room and clean and no amount of diciplining was working – the temptation was just too much and so I’ve removed it…or them rather. 😉 Mostly, I only managed to switch beds…moving a queen sized bed by ones self is doable but tiring. 😉 The guest room was also my craft room so I am now faced with completely clearing out all of that stuff from the closet. At least I won’t have to move P.’s stuff because if all works out as planned, she’ll be staying in there with her sisters. 🙂

5/24/06 I began “shed cleanout” today. I began “house cleanout” in the last couple of weeks but with yesterdays room switch and today’s moving off boxes, it’s *officially and earnestly* under way! I’m finally feeling like my “old self”…I’ve shed some weight (lower than I was before the mole), P. has a nice sleeping routine despite teething now and she’s not nursing as much any more, the long daylight hours are here and so is the sun/warmth – I’m feeling energetic again! I haven’t felt this way in a looong while and it is great! Thus, aaaall those things that were put on hold over the last three years (yes, it’s been that long! *sigh*) are going to get done. All of those boxes that had to be stored without me going through them with a fine tooth comb namely! Also, I’m treating this house as if we were moving! I am (and will be for a while) going through it room by room tearing everything up – sorting, throwing and boxing/re-boxing (if necessary)! The goal is to put our whole household into that shed, knowing exactly what is in there and confident it’s stuff we actually want, to be ready for a thorough gutting and fixing of this place!! My timeline goal is the end of June. We have some family get-togethers then that will slow my motivation and momentum. By the time they are over, half the summer will be over not leaving much time left to accomplish all we want. Some of it is inside work that can be done when the cold weather approaches…but we’d rather not if at all possible. It’s so nice to be able to open windows for ventilation while painting and not freeze to death. 😉 Anyhow, I’m tired just thinking of it…I know it will take me the whole month. Prayers for perserverence and stamina would be greatly appreciated! 😀


5/8/06 *Ack!* It snowed 2 ½ inches from last night to midmorning today!! Not much for a snowstorm – but way too much for this time of year…which as far as I’m concerned, shouldn’t be any!! I know it will go fast…but still… [grumble-grumble]

5/12/06 Just four days ago I was grumbling about some snow…and today was the first day the children swam in their pool!! 🙂 The temp was well into the 60s and I couldn’t resist setting it up…especially after repeated requests. 😉

By the end of the month, the temps were into the 70s and over Memorial Weekend even stretched up to 82 ° F!!