Absolutely NO eggs this month. The Girls are “on strike” I think because they’ve had their home moved a couple of times. Plus, we’ve had a ton of rain and cooler temps and they’ve been in the shed with less light (as noone gets out there through the rain very early every morning to open the door. πŸ™„ ).


8/28 My dear husband’s 40th Bday!!


8/11 P. is WALKING!!! She’s actually taken a step or two here and there over the last couple months but today she took three good steps in a row about 4x! You can tell she’s more confident now and there’s not going to be any stopping her from here on out. πŸ™‚


8/19 There was some snow on the mountains behind us and some hail at our elevation today!! 😯 Granted, it was just a dusting up higher and the hail didn’t last long at our level but it was still a bit of a surprise…and disconcerting. 😐


7/31 My mother had a couple weeks of vacation time so we went to the Peninsula over the weekend.