The market is over for the summer. While we were very busy all summer because of it, it was a tremendous blessing! Now, another challenge. Maintaining income from our business over the winter. Larger wholesale orders in conjunction with the company we’ve been making knives for are in the “conception” stage right now. Keep us in your prayers!


Again, absolutely NO eggs this month. This is getting serious. The chickens were moved back into the garage near the end of the month so we’ll see what happens. I really like our “girls”…who would have thought you could get so attached to chickens…but if their production doesn’t get rolling again I can’t really see us keeping them and into the soup they’ll have to go. We just don’t have the funds for “glorified pets” as much as I’d like to have them as such. 😐


9/8 C.’s 8th Bday!

9/25 B.’s 10th Bday!


9/3 Settling into the fact that we are expecting another child. πŸ™‚ Last week, I sat down with the calendar to calculate dates. Today I decided to get out the measure tape to see if my measurements match dates. All seems well. I am 9 wks and measured 8 cm. Either that, or I have another mole. I’m trying to put that out of my mind but the foreboding is there. I have been horribly sick this first tri which is unusual – except when I had the mole. Normally, my nausea is generally mild and a few concentrated hours in the afternoon. This time it’s kept me pretty much horizontal and last most of the day every day. *ugh*

9/10 P.’s 7th tooth is in! (Top right lateral incisor.)

Also today – I measured myself again and I’m 13 cm. Hmmm. That was an average after measuring about 5x. All were right around 13 – a little less, a little more – so I just went with 13.

And, our oldest daughter is growing up so much. Puberty has been steadily progressing over the last year (or a little more) but it’s gotten a bump up today. I’ll keep the details private (no it’s not “that” πŸ˜‰ ) for her sake but man my “little girl” is gone and it’s just more and more clear with each passing day. *sigh*

9/19 I measure again today and I’m still at 13 cm. I’ll be 12 wks at the end of this week so I’m not too worried about it. I’m going to call the midwife soon and arrange to check for a heartbeat at least. I’ve never gone to the doc or midwife before my second tri started…and this time is no exception. Just par for the course for me. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, that will give me info to, obviously, decide which direction I need to go in.

9/25 I measured again today. Another “Hmmm.” 16 cm. I was 12 wks at the end of last week. Measuring this big ahead of dates is a common thing in molar pregnancies.

9/29 P.’s 8th tooth is in! (Bottom right lateral incisor.)

Also today – We decided that we should call the midwife first to check for a heartbeat and maybe save ourselves $300+. If there’s a heartbeat – wonderful! I make my first appt. with the midwives and proceed with joy! If no heartbeat, I’d just have to call a doc (a specialist this time) to arrange treatment and they’d just want to do their own ultrasound and charge me again. So, better to wait if I have to and make their ultrasound my first and save the dough right? Plus, 14 wks is the cut off for some reason I’m forgetting at the moment. It’s a higher rate after 14 wks. I finally got in touch with the midwife after a round of telephone tag and she told me to come in Monday. She would have done a home visit for me but since we hadn’t told the children yet (and I wasn’t prepared to do so especially if it was a mole) she said to come to her house. I’m anxious for the weekend to be over! It will be nip ‘n tuck as far as number of weeks and the ultrasound but both places said they could get me in no trouble as a walk in.


9/25 Good news – the refinance is complete!! This is our second (or third) attempt and we were on the verge of giving up and selling out despite what that would mean. 😐 We don’t always understand God’s timing…but apparently *this time* was right and in His Will! Praise God for answered prayer. This means we will be completely out of debt except the house. It also means that some much needed projects will get done around the house. More importantly, it means dh will have some capitol for his business. It generally means a lot of things that I can’t express. It’s a “good thing!!” πŸ™‚