10/27 1 (M) YES! We actually had an egg laid again! That was almost exactly 3 months to the DAY without eggs!! After about a month in the garage with consistent heat, light and food (if it was hard to go out in the rain to open the shed door for them to have light then obviously their feeding times were not regular either πŸ™„ ), the Girls are happy again I guess. πŸ™‚ Well, one so far anyway…

10/29 1 (M)

10/30 1 (M)


10/2 WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT!! :mrgreen: The midwife found it first try – whamo! Just plunked that ole dopler down on my tummy and there was that wee baby just waiting to say “hi!” *hee-hee* Absolutely no searching around playing “hid and seek!” Didn’t want me mistaking him/her for a mole any more I guess! πŸ˜‰ I stopped by the midwife’s house at 11am and then had to drive around a bit to enjoy the relief on my own. Even went to the library for an hour or so because I just had to wrap my head around it a little longer before I “officially” told anyone – including dh and children. I was more inclined to think it a mole than I really admitted to myself. Really, I was convinced but didn’t want to acknowledge or face it. I was soooo thankful and relieved I didn’t know what to do with myself I guess! LOL Anyway, when I finally did get home, it was such a joy to tell everyone! She wasn’t able to make my first appt. this week as she has a conference on clinic day (Wed.) so I go in next week.

10/4 P. says “block” now. It comes out “blaah-k” though. πŸ˜‰

10/11 First midwife appt. for baby #7! Stats: 14.2 wks, weight – mumble, mumble, p/g – n/n, b/p – 108/78, fundus – 16 1/2, fht – 160 flt. Next appt. 11/8 10am.

10/22 M.’s 12th Bday!! Plus, P.’s 9th tooth is in! (Right bottom first molar.)

10/24 P.’s 10th tooth is in! (Left bottom first molar.)


10/20 – 23 T.’s parents visiting to celebrate all the girls’ bdays especially M.’s on the 22. They stayed at G & J’s house because they were on a trip. T. and children spent a couple of nights there as well as W. was doing some work on the house and was worried about fumes particularly with T. pg.


10/8 & 9 Wow! Are we having a storm blow through! Had winds up to 90mph both nights! Also, the temp reached 60F here at our house on the 9th (67F in town)!! Definitely a “heat wave” for this time of year. πŸ˜‰

10/10 Temp was 61F today!

10/26 FIRST SNOWFALL! Early this morning it started and lasted throughout the day at varying speeds. 2 3/4 ”

10/29 Snow 1/4 ”

10/30 Snow 3 “