With Advent starting in only a couple of days, I thought it neat that this passage from my reading coincided so perfectly.

I can understand the man who denies miracles altogether: but what is one to make of people who will believe other miracles and “draw the line” at the Virgin Birth? Is it that for all their lip service to the laws of Nature there is only one natural process in which they really believe? Or is it that they think they see in this miracle a slur upon sexual intercourse (though they might just as well see in the feeding of the five thousand an insult to bakers) and that sexual intercourse is the one thing still venerated in this unvenerating age? In reality the Miracle is no less, and no more, surprising than any others.

Perhaps the best way to approach it is from the remark I saw in one of the most archaic of our anti-God papers. The remark was that Christians believed in a God who had “committed adultery with the wife of a Jewish carpenter.” The writer was probably merely “letting off steam” and did not really think that God, in the Christian story, had assumed human form and lain with a mortal woman, as Zeus lay with Alcmena. But if one had to answer this person, one would have to say that if you called the miraculous conception divine adultery, you would be driven to find a similar adultery in the conception of every child – nay, of every animal too. I am sorry to use the expression which will offend pious ears, but I do not know how else to make my point.

~ C.S. Lewis The Joyful Christian: 127 Readings pg 56-57

More tomorrow. 🙂

** Update @ 9:58am: Ooopsie! My mistake…I forgot to change my “dates to remember” and Advent actually starts Dec. 3rd this year! Anyhow, the timing of my readings and Advent are still relevent. 😉