11/23 Thanksgiving! We stayed home for the first time in years and celebrated just ourselves which is the first time ever I think. It was a slow paced relaxed day. Dh and I prepped the turkey together in the morning and put it in the oven and the rest of the day I cooked the other dishes here and there with one daughter or the other of our older daughters. I stayed in my robe until 2pm! Ha! Then, took a nice warm bath. It wasn’t too long after that that all the food was ready and we ate about 6pm. I made an apple pie for desert and then we all went to bed early. Everyone said it was the best Thanksgiving we’d ever had! {{{mush-mush}}} I love my family! πŸ˜€


11/01 1 (M)

11/03 1 (M)

11/04 1 (M)

11/05 1 (M)

11/06 1 (M)

11/08 2 (M & L)

11/09 1 (M)

11/10 2 (M & L)

11/11 1 (M)

11/12 3 !

11/13 2 (M & L)

11/14 2 (M & F)

11/15 3 !

11/16 3!

11/17 1 (M)

11/18 2 (F & L)

11/19 3 !

11/20 2 (M & L)

11/21 0

11/22 3 !

11/23 2 (M & F)

11/24 1 (L)

11/25 3 !

11/26 1 (M)

11/27 3 !

11/28 2 (F & L)

11/29 2 (M & F)

11/10 2 (M & L)

Woohoo! The Ladies are on a roll now!

Total Eggs = 51 :mrgreen:


11/08 Called and left a message with midwife to reschedule appt. for next week. Picked up some “respitory gunk” over the weekend. :sick:

11/16 P. said “uhngree” 4x! Translation “hungry.” πŸ˜‰ A couple of times when I was prepping breakfast and another couple of times while I prepped lunch. All the while tugging on my apron strings. πŸ˜‰ So sweet!

11/19 P.’s 11th tooth is in! Top right 1rst molar.

11/22 Midwife appt. Stats: 20wks 4dys, weight – mumble, mumble, p/g – 010/6, bp – 132/76, fundus – 20cm, fht – 140, present – transverse. The top # of my blood pressure concerned my midwife. I have to bring it down by resting (a lot – particularly a couple of days *before* my appt.) mostly she said as my water intake is great. I don’t know how it’s going to happen…but I’m praying that somehow my dh and I can work out a routine that allows me to.


11/03 – 11/05 Oldest daughter and myself attended an Above Rubies Ladies Retreat with Nancy Campbell! It was awsome! Mrs. Campbell is a very personable lady, an engaging speaker and has a such a pleasant joy-filled countenance! I told my daughter after the first session that I felt like I was sitting there with this huge silly grin on my face. Her manner, inflection, way of phrasing things is just so uplifting. She’s definitely gifted by God to bring encouragement to Christian mothers today. I feel so very fortunate that I was able to attend the retreat and bring my daughter with me.

We left home around Noon on the 3rd. The retreat was held at a camp in my home town about 3hrs away. I attended this Christian camp several times as a child so I had fun sharing stories with my daughter as we drove.

We arrived with an hour to spare before the first session and met up with Molly (formerly of Choosing Home) who showed us the different cabins available. She left us to get back to other duties, we made our choice and settled in. We chose a cabin that originally was going to have a handful of babies because my daughter missed her little sister! As it turns out (we found out later in the evening), that group was moved to another cabin, so we thought for the longest time we’d be in a cabin all to ourselves! We checked back at the cabin a couple of times throughout the evening (just before and after dinner namely) to see if anyone else had chosen a bunk there but were disappointed and decided if there was noone there after the evening session, we’d move. πŸ˜‰ Dinner was nice and we had pleasant conversation with the people that sat around us. It was wonderful to see Nancy in person when the evening session started. My daughter was so excited to see the lady that publishes the Above Rubies magazine. She turned to me a few times and said, “Wow, we’re actually seeing and hearing Mrs. Campbell!” πŸ˜€

The first evening session ended around 9pm and those that wanted to went over to the dining hall to play games. I went with dd to “check it out” and we ended up staying and playing Scrabble with a new friend. Since it was getting pretty late and this pg mama had had a late night packing the night before PLUS the long drive a few hours earlier, we decided it was time to turn in. On arriving back at our cabin, we were delighted to see several other ladies had chosen bunks there. We introduced ourselves and chatted for a few minutes then climbed into our *hard* bunks. *ooooff* I don’t remember them being *that* hard as a girl…and I even chose a bunk that had a doubled up mattress! LOL Dd slept in the *loft area on a top bunk* while preggy ole me slept *down below on a bottom bunk* ❗ LOL I set my phone alarm for bright and early and rolled over anticipating a decent nights sleep before my hip started to give out because of that hard bunk. Unfortunately, the lady next to me decided she needed the bathroom light on all night. *sigh* That *dark* loft was looking pretty inviting about 3am. πŸ™„ So, I barely slept but still got up around 6:30am, was the *2nd* in the shower but then leisurely got dress, helped dd with her hair, etc. We arrived at the dining hall for breakfast around 7:30am and enjoyed some good conversation with some new people.

The talks throughout the day were wonderful! My daughter as went to a Hay Tunnel at a neighboring farm while I attended an essential oils “class.” Later, we enjoyed tea with scones, etc. and had a private conversation with Nancy – we were the only three at the table! What a sweet blessing! We wrapped up the evening session with a group photo, dinner and an uplifting time of extended group prayer. Then, off to bed pretty late again. πŸ˜‰ Sunday we rose early again, made it to breakfast about the same time, enjoyed a special time of worship, had the last session with Mrs. Campbell and then came the “goodbyes.”

The weekend was much needed time of refreshing for me. And, I was so glad to spend some one-on-one time with my oldest. Definitely doing it again next year as Molly told me they want to organize another one. πŸ™‚


11/10 Snow today. About 1/2 ”

Total Accumulation = 6 1/2 “

11/12 – 11/27 The temps have been absolutely frigid for the past couple of weeks. Rarely getting above 0 ° F…mostly hovering around -10 ° F. We sure were glad it broke these past few days and the temps have been in the 20s. They were calling for snow but we only got a dusting on the 29th not really worth mentioning. Snow is still in the forecast. We’ll see…


11/16 Heard “the” coyote this afternoon around Noon several times! Not sure if it’s the same one we’ve seen before but it sure got everyone stirred up. He was so close but we didn’t catch a glimpse of him…he stayed well hidden right at the tree line in our backyard. I’m sure he was wishing for a chicken dinner. πŸ˜‰