Sorry about the “crash” of this blog and our other sites over the last few weeks. I intended to wish you all a very blessed Christmas and New Year with your loved ones and then take a break through the holidays. Well, the break happened before I was able to do that and not being able to maintain things led to site overload. It’s taken me a few days to repair tables, locate the ones still having trouble and clear them all up. But, looks like I’ve finally been successful. I look forward to being “connected” again and hearing from my wonderful cyber-friends. 🙂

I know I have some updating to do but I’ve taken up enough time online of late correcting things so it will have to happen at a later time. Stay tuned…

ps – on a more personal note, it’s a little shock to see how far my ticker has moved since i was last here!! this pregnancy is winding down… 😯 wow!