Very sick. Yesterday I woke up not feeling quite right and thought I was just a little nauseous because I stop eating around 5pm and woke up late and went right to work without eating. I threw up the couple pieces of toast I ate at that point and I haven’t eaten since. I was in bed all day. Was drinking water to stay hydrated for me and baby but I threw up all the water too. This morning I’ve managed to keep down part of a ginger ale but I absolutely do not feel hungry and am not going to attempt having anything yet. Dh ended up sick close to bedtime and ended up throwing up within 20 min. of lying down. Second son threw up all day yesterday too. He’s now feeling more chipper than both his parents who feel like they’ve both been hit by the same truck. The older girls were sooo helpful to their father yesterday helping clean the kitchen and (a couple of times) throw up messes as he was busy working on a knife order.

I’m feeling a bit better. Not so nauseous so I can sit here and type but I’m achy *everywhere* and this poor pg body is protesting profusely. I’m hoping dh feels better soon so he can go to the store (and because I love him and don’t like seeing him so poorly – really I’m not so selfish! :blush: ) to get some miso soup for me. That’s the only thing that sounds remotely good and nourishing right now that I could hold down. He just now said he had a hunger pang…must be a good sign huh?!

We were sick last week with something (mostly hit me and a couple of others as a bad cold) and had one child throwing up…I’m wondering if this is just the tail end of that… Anyway, please pray that this passes quickly and doesn’t hit anyone else in the family. Yesterday was sooo miserable.