Wow, I can’t believe there are only six more weeks to go! Five if this little one comes a week sooner like our last one! Four if it comes at the start of the timeframe considered “safe.” 😯 But, that’s never happened before…but then again, I said I’d never gone a week early until last time either. 😉 Never say never right?! I’m a hopeful person. 🙂

In some ways, this pg has gone by really fast. The weeks just have been slipping by… In others, it hasn’t. The day to day pain from my hips has made doing the most routine and mundane of things practically unbearable. Just flat out being on my feet nearly makes me cry sometimes. So, day to day is hard but by the end of the week I’m wondering where it’s gone. LOL

I didn’t update from my last midwive appt. nearly two weeks ago…everything is textbook. Blood pressure, glucose, iron, the works. Everything is just as it should be. Even meassuring *exactly* the number of weeks just the day before I turn it. 🙂 I’m really thankful about the blood pressure. While we had that two month stretch of no appts., my midwives were really concerned too. Praises to God for helping me keep calm in the midst of the chaos around me! (Remodeling – the kitchen completely torn up, packing up the rest of the house, 6 children running around expecting nourishment and education, laundry…you know, the works. 😉 )

I have another appt. this coming Thurs. One more “two-weeker” and then we’ll have our home visit and drop down to weekly appts. Those last few appts. just may be home visits as well as I rarely leave the house right now as it is if I can help it. 😐 As my due date gets closer, I’ll really not be wanting to…and that’s fine by me. 🙂

We’d appreciate your prayers if the Lord brings us to mind. That we’d be able to wrap up the kitchen at least, finish packing everything else away and then be able to do a deep cleaning before the baby comes. It will be tight but do-able if the Lord sustains us with the energy, strength (for me!) and stamina we need. Thanks! 🙂