I just couldn’t stand it any more!

I pulled out all of my seeds, even before I was dressed, this morning. Knowing I was a little ahead of myself, I pushed them back to the corner of the counter and resolved to wait later in the day to do some planning. Accomplish our morning routine at least first. (They are there where I can see them and they’ll keep calling me and I won’t be able to put them off!) 😉 I have no idea what I’ll be able to do this year…but preliminary talks have begun with dh. He tore up and out all the garden boxes from the last few years, etc. in anticipation of bringing in some topsoil (did two dump truck loads this past Sep./Oct. – hauled by hand to the backyard – *whew* ) and regrade the backyard. But, I can’t wait to see when or if we’ll get to that! I need to grow something and I need to it now! LOL I’m thinking tomatoes at least. They’ve done really well in large containers on our deck in the past and the deck is a safe place…at least as much as I can foresee into the future! LOL