2/01/07 2 (L&F)

2/02/07 1 (M)

2/03/07 3

2/04/07 1 (F)

2/05/07 2 (L&M)

2/06/07 1 (F)

2/07/07 2 (M&L)

2/08/07 3

2/09/07 0

2/10/07 3

2/11/07 2 (M&L)

2/12/07 1 (L)

2/13/07 2 (M&L)

2/14/07 2 (F&L)

2/15/07 1 (F)

2/16/07 1 (M)

2/17/07 2 (F&L)

2/18/07 2 (F&L)

2/19/07 0

2/20/07 2 (F&L)

2/21/07 2 (F&L)

2/22/07 0

2/23/07 2 (F&L)

2/24/07 0

2/25/07 1 (L)

2/26/07 1 (M)

2/27/07 1 (L)

2/28/07 1 (M)

Total = 41


2/01/07 P.’s 14th tooth – top right eyethooth.

2/07/07 P.’s 15th tooth – bottom left eyetooth. And, I finally figured out what “gloglia” means…dog!

2/08/07 P. has been saying, “Ihungree” for quite a while now so these were actually her first 2 word sentence…but she’s made them into one word that I didn’t think of recording it this way until now.


2/06/07 Boy’s new mattresses.

Remodeling in the kitchen has continued off and on slowly throughout the month. Toward the end of the month we finally “experimented” with what we are thinking we want for the countertops. We’ll see if it works and then continue on with the others. (We just did the ones around the stove to start with.) New drawers are in near the stove and a “kios” type desk was created where the ponywall had been. The pantry door was removed and the top of the door frame cut at an angle to match the angle of the roof. Dh has mudded and rounded the corners of the door frame all around. Not sure what we will replace the ugly old folding door with just yet. Continued also to box up possessions. Goal is to have the house as empty as possible before baby comes to allow for a thorough and deep cleaning and to give us a clear view of what we want to do with the rest of the house as soon as I’l recovered enough to start helping again. A new bedroom space is being mulled over as is new flooring. Dh asked how soon I’d be able to swing a hammer because we are both anxious to attack the bathroom…and he knows I’ve claimed first dibbs on the shower tile for a looong time! 😉 Anyway, lots to think about and do… I wish so much that a lot of this could have been done before the baby. It feels so weird right now because instinctively my nesting urge wants everything “perfect”…and things are so not perfect right now. (Really, I know there’s no such thing. We’ve been through so much over the past decade that I have no delusions. 😉 ) Things are as they are though and one (dh) can only do so much/go so fast in changing them. I feel bad that I just can’t help with it right now (except boxing things up and even then I have to have a child assisting). I’m really just trying to focus on “cleaning out and cleaning up.” Even if the house is “torn apart” it can at least be clean! It will be interesting to see how much we actually continue to accomplish in the next three or so weeks before we really have to quit and just wait on Baby.


2/01/07 50°F ! Up to 60°F in the direct sun late in the afternoon!

2/07/07 Snow 1/2 “.

2/09/07 Snow 1 “.

2/11/07 Warm again today – 40°F in the afternoon!

Total Snow Accumulation = 1 1/2 “