All continues to go like clockwork. Even measuring the *exact* number of weeks. 🙂

We will have our home visit next week. From talk 2 weeks ago, it sounded like we’d have it at 37wks instead of the usual 36wks. However, there is a new turn of events…my midwife is going to AZ for 2wks. She said she didn’t remember my dates right when booking her trip… 😐 So, she has another midwife lined up for us just in case. Still, it’s someone I’ve never met. 😦 We will have the same apprentice and she was with us for P.’s birth so that makes me a little more comfortable than I would be otherwise. Just as far as having familiar helpers…skill and experience being a whole other consideration. 🙄 I’m sure the alternate is competent and skillful – she apprenticed/trained with the midwife we have now and our midwife who passed away last year and has been practicing for quite a while. Still, not what you want to hear this late in the game. I made a statement of this happening in doctors offices all the time on the way home…whoever’s “on call” delivers you…and my dh said, “Yeah, well, if we had wanted to go to a doctors office, we would have.” *sigh* I think he’s a little more perturbed than I am about the possibility of the caregiver we *selected* and are *confident* with (not to mention paid for) not being available. It doesn’t please me in the least…but what am I going to do about it? Start all over with a caregiver this late? I’m just going to go with the flow and trust the judgement of my midwife – that she’s chosen a competent skillful person to attend to her clients while she’s gone. Really, the possibility is just as good that she won’t miss it. She’ll be back around the 39wk mark. Trusting God too…He knew and knows and He is working out His Will perfectly. What a concept huh?! 🙂

So, anyway, I have a week of house cleaning planned. We still have some things to pack up/move out… Mostly, it’s deep cleaning that’s left though. Homeschooling is officially going on “hold” today and I’m going to pack away all that stuff too. I’ll keep it close to the front of the shed for when we’re ready to start up again. As far as remodeling projects, I’m not sure what my dh will do. I know he’ll continue with the kitchen through the week…but after that I’m not sure what he’ll do. Living with Mr. Visionary is hard sometimes… My goal is to have this house as empty – yes, empty – and as clean as possible! Beyond that, nothing except gestating. 🙂