The countdown really begins now. I’m anticipating/hoping to just have a week left like last time. Baby has been trying to turn the last couple of days and I’ve been having intense lower back pain as a result periodically. Really throws you for a loop… I had backlabor with our second so I remember what it’s like. All of ours have “hung out” ROA till the very end though so I know a couple of ways to encourage them to turn that have worked and I’m doing them when time permits. I’m going to have to bump it up though I think and help baby along faster.

We had our appt. Thurs. but last weeks never did get rescheduled unfortunately. Anyhow, all is still going along just as it should. My blood pressure was a bit high again but that was because I was busy working most of the day instead of resting. A friend from church stopped by midafternoon and we had a nice visit and she brought dinner which was a wonderful blessing for *all* of us. Our two older girls have been really doing well with simple meals and maintaining the kitchen so it was a nice break for them especially. Then, the midwives came in the later afternoon/evening. So, it was a busy day which excused my bp reading. πŸ˜‰ Baby was ROP when they were here but later moved ROA and then, like I said, it’s been trying to move to the left ever since. We met the substitute midwife and she’s really personable and we felt relaxed with her. Come to find out, the friend that stopped by earlier actually had her as an apprentice (we use/used the same midwives although we didn’t know each other until about three yrs ago and her youngest is 6 or 7 yrs I think) for one or two of her births and reassured us that she’s competent, etc. and she’s certainly had a chance to increase her experience since then. So, I’m confident everything will be fine. πŸ™‚

I’m trying to keep myself from anticipating gender but the heartrates are making it hard. No, I’m not going to reveal them or my suspicions…I learned my lesson a couple of times before. πŸ˜‰

That’s all the news for now. My parents should be showing up here soon to celebrated our second son’s 4th bday a little early. There’s a family party on my husband’s side for Easter tomorrow which I’ll probably take a raincheck on but everyone else will attend. Mon. is our son’s actual bday so we’ll probably do something as an immediate family then as well.

Till next time. πŸ™‚