4/1/07 1 (L)

4/4/07 1 (L)

4/5/07 1 (L)

4/7/07 1 (L)

4/9/07 1 (L)

4/11/07 1 (L)

4/26/07 1 (L)

4/28/07 2 (M & L)

4/30/07 2 (M & L)

Total = 11 ❗ The Ladies decided to go on Spring Break I guess… 😦


4/5/07 My last prenatal appt. (this go-round)…I hope…

Stats: 39.5 weeks, no weight ck – home visit (I don’t own a scale), p/g – none, s.g./ph – .010/6, bp – 120/80, fundus – 39.5 (perfect again!), fht – 150, presentation – ROT.

Baby still isn’t in position yet…but it hasn’t been for lack of trying on my part. Guess he/she is comfy 🙂 …although I’m not 😦 ! This probably means back labor although I’m still praying for a miraculous turn in the night soon. All’s well and we are ready…c’mon baby!! 🙂

4/7/07 40 Weeks – Due Date!!

4/9/07 Baby #7 born at 2:52pm! She was 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 inches long. The first one of our children to go over his/her due date! Also, the first born in the afternoon and to have meconium in the amniotic fluid! She smiled her first smile about 20 min. to a half hour after her birth! Yes, a true smile – ear to ear light up the face smile! Babies don’t smile when they have gas. 😉 She was born talking too! Our two midwives are witnesses. 😉 No joke – this baby was cooing and “jabbering” within seconds of being pushed out! Maybe she was protesting the rapid exit she was forced to make… “Hey! What’s the rush?! Whoa Mama!” 😯 Really, the midwives were quite surprised by it…and impressed. 🙂 She was born with a full head of dark hair and looks a lot like her third born sister did. Right down to the fine downy dark hair on her ears (on the lobes rather than the rims like C.’s though) 😉 and her lower back. She also has hair on her lower legs…we joke and say she was born needing to shave! LOL Oh, and no name which is typical of us. Hopefully, we won’t take as long with it as we have some of our other children. 🙄 I’ll write more of a “birth story” at a later date…

4/11/07 Milk in late last night! Yes, that fast. Has been since #5.

4/13/07 PKU 8 lbs 6 oz

4/1/4/07 Umbilical cord fell off today!

4/16/07 Had to have a second PKU today as there wasn’t enough blood drawn on the first. 8 lbs 10 oz Up 2 oz in only a week after birth!

4/23/07 2 wk appt. 9 lbs 1 oz

4/27/07 P.’s 2nd Bday! 🙂

Also, once Spring sprung, C. finally learned how to ride a bike (her two older sisters taught her/held the bike/etc.) and Q. learned to pump on the swing (eldest sister taught him)! I tried teaching both of them these things last year…guess they weren’t ready. This year, with a newborn so close to the freedom and outside play Spring brought, it was nice to have kind older siblings willing to help out! 🙂


4/8/07 Resurrection Day! We spent it here at home with my parents joining us. Unfortunately, and understandably 😉 , I wasn’t up to going to church, so my father and me took turns reading the Bible aloud for a while just before dinner. We spent the whole day just enjoying visiting, resting and remembering our Lord. 🙂

4/9/07 Of course, we are celebrating the birth of our 7th child!! WOW! I’m amazed and awed that I have done this that many times. LOL We are thanking and praising God for His generous gifts and His protecting guiding hand!

That wraps up April. Not very much news but what there was sure was exciting!!! We feel so blessed and happy! 🙂

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers during my pregnancy and for a safe delivery. God was merciful and gracious!

~ Tamara ♥ oxoxoxox ♥