In case anyone has noticed or was curious, I’ve completely shut down/deleted my store. I’ve been having computer problems along with no internet service, had some trouble getting into it, things got a little messed up, it wasn’t open for business anyway since L.’s arrival…and, well, I just don’t have time to mess it right now. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I can start from scratch again and get it up and running…Lord knows we could use the extra income. For now though, it’s closed and I’ll be focusing strictly on my dh’s knives. He has quite a few “seconds” floating around the shop that can’t be a part of our wholesale orders so I’ll put them up as clearance items on his website. I haven’t worked on it in ages either due to our busyness with the wholesale end of things, etc. Anyway, if anyone is interested in that, I’ll be getting those changes made soon and his link should work above.

Thanks again to our loyal patrons for their support! 🙂