I’m feeling much better! It was slow going but I finally feel like I’m back in the swing of things around here again.

Very busy with home, children and dh’s business.

Also, the fireweed is blooming already which means summer will be winding down soon and we are squeezing the most out of it that we can!

Finally had my last check up with the midwives yesterday. All is well. Still have slightly high b/p but they check it off as “normal for me” kind of thing. As long as I keep up with the natural remedies they have suggested, I should be able to maintain it at a decent level. Almost to my prepregnancy weight. It’s only been recently that I’ve begun to feel “half way normal” again and that my body could handle adding some “extra more vigorous exercise”. Hips/pelvis in particular. So, I’ll be adding a treadmill workout again soon. Probably Mon. of next week. The midwives were concerned about the bout of mastitis and said to be sure to contact them if it flares up again. (That side still feels “funny” although not bad.) Baby L. is 13.3 lbs at 14 weeks! Her heartbeat is still in the 140’s – a calm baby. 😉

I created a new page here at my blog because, although I’ve shut down my “official” store, I still have things to sell. You can still think of it as “Your Online Gift & Thrift Store” – new, handmade and gently used items. 😉 Check it out by using the “Prov. 31” link above! I’ll be listing things here and there as I have time. Stop by often and see what’s new and have fun browsing! 🙂 Feel free to pass along the link as well…this large family could use the extra income…and we like blessing others by passing on what God has provided as “extra” for us. 🙂

♥ oxoxox ♥