7/06 1 (L)

7/12 1 (L)

2! Just two measly egg this month. *humph* 😦


P. says “digadigaw” for chicken! I have no idea how she could have translated it like that… *shakes head* But it’s pretty funny to hear her say it! LOL

7/06 First time L. grabbed and put something into her mouth! Has put my finger or her blanket into her mouth (if close by) but this is time she was on her stomach playing on the bed with her paci out in front of her and she reached out with the interest and intent of playing with something. Her coordination is so good! She hardly fumbled it, chewed on it for a while and then dropped it when she grew tired of it. 🙂 Also, she is pushing herself up really far with her arms! It won’t be long before she’s on her knees too! She’s only 4 months (in three days)! This is the earliest I’ve had one of my children so intent on crawling. Mostly, she doesn’t like being on her stomach and wanted up so badly she wouldn’t “practice.” She’d just lay there lifting her head and fussing. I’d prop her up on her hands but she wouldn’t stay (although she was strong enough). Anyhow, she’s suddenly caught on and she’s real close to lifting her bum too!

7/15 L. rolled over 2x from tummy to back! Also, belly laughs finally when tickled! Silly girl would just lay there giving you a strange look and grunting or just give the slightest giggle. She has discovered her toes in the past couple of days as well and they are now her favorite “toys.” 🙂

7/26 I love how L. clasps her hands when she’s nursing! *mush-mush* She’s done it for quite a while now (since she was a couple of months at least) but it always makes me smile! 🙂

7/27 L. is rolling from back to tummy! Both ways have been accomplished now…what’s next?! 😉


7/04 Independence Day was celebrated our friend’s the Phelps home (our pastor and family) along with a couple of other families from our church. We had a great time and love them all! 🙂

Not much to report this month. Mostly, we were slammed making knives…which is a good thing…but didn’t leave much time for enjoying summer activities either. Next month will be pretty busy too but we’re hoping to fit other fun stuff in as well. Fall/winter will be here far too soon… *ugh* 😛

‘Til next time,
♥ oxoxox ♥