The termination dust…

Can I have a good cry now? πŸ˜‰

Not to be overly dramatic or anything…but this summer flew and I’m very sorry to have it end. I don’t feel like I/we properly enjoyed it because we were so busy with the business. I love it when it’s green and warm and we have freedom. For some reason, despite living here all our lives, dh and myself aren’t into winter sports/activities per say. Sure, we like to take the children up the mountain and go sledding but otherwise we don’t do any skiing or boarding or snowmachining or skating or you-name-it. I’d like to do some skating with all the children…I have skates and I think we have another couple pair that *somebody* (or two) could possibly fit into…but to outfit *everyone* would be a bit of a hit to the ole pocketbook. Certainly cheaper than some of those other activities mentioned though. Maybe I’ll try Freecycle… Sure, winter in our “cabin” *sounds* cozy with the fireplace and good books and all…but when I think of how *long* our winters last I start to hyperventilate. *ugh* Cabin Fever is not an affliction I like…particularly in my children… [picture me a little cross-eyed] The novelty of the fire wears off rather quickly when you have to empty ashes regularly and the good books get read/re-read too quickly as well. I love cooking heartier foods and the aromas that go along with it but the waistband starts to suffer a little stretching for lack of a decent amount of exercise. *sigh* Somebody help me see a bright side here! LOL

Anyhow, I hadn’t been out for a drive in a while and noticed the “dusting” the mountains had Saturday while out doing errands. I gasped and asked dh when that had happened. (The two or three mountains that had it weren’t visible until you got into town.) He said he wasn’t sure but in the last couple of days of the top of his head. So, that means this past Thursday or Friday. Sunday, we noticed a bunch more on those particular mountains plus dustings on a few others on our way out to church! The geese were certainly telling us something last week. Several large flocks passed over flying high and fast. πŸ˜‰ We had been noticing smaller flocks occasionally up to a couple of weeks ago. These were definitely loud and on the move though. One large flock merged with another large flock Thursday evening almost directly over the house and flew off to the south a bit which I’m positive meant they were landing in Potter’s Marsh for the evening. As soon as it was light the next morning, sure enough, a large flock passed over on their way out of town. That was neat but I was too blurry-eyed to get to the camera fast enough.

Yesterday, we took a road-trip to Whittier…one of the last little excursions before winter really sets in. Not much to do in Whittier but the drive through the tunnel was cool! πŸ™‚ Previously, the only way to get to Whittier was via train but they’ve opened up/converted the last tunnel for vehicle traffic. 2 1/2 miles through the mountain. πŸ™‚ The day was sunny and warm for this time of year. Granted, our trip took us south. We are planning another trip tomorrow. This one takes us north. This evening it is quite stormy – 44° F, raining and high winds. I’m afraid of what we will encounter in the morning once we leave town and are a couple of hundred miles away…we could be driving into winter conditions…I’d rather stay home and let the snow *find me*! πŸ˜›

With that thought in mind, I’m off to make some warm tea and settle into bed with a good book. A good book aways makes things better…so long as you have a steady supply of them. πŸ˜‰

~ Tamara
♥ oxoxox ♥

ps – I have quite a few draft posts saved and hope to finish some up in the next few days. I will post date them but leave them as “stickies” for a little while. Thought I’d say that to save some confusion if you read this and then there are others on top that suddenly get rearranged.

pss – And, I just have to record (for myself) that this blog hit a milestone of 11,000 visits today! *whoop* Thanks to all our faithful readers. πŸ™‚