Please read this woman’s story for starters. Then, this one.

I’m slow on the draw many times finding out stuff going on on the web but I’ve done quite a bit of “clicking thru” this evening on this topic. Be careful, take the necessary precautions, etc. You may have noticed I don’t share photos very often here – particularly of our children – for similar reasons. One online friend (listed in my “Reads” links) had something similar happen to her a couple of years ago. It really made me stop and think although I hadn’t posted very many pictures to begin with. Before I was forced to be offline for most of last year, I had already decided to be even more cautious due to “internal promptings.” Mostly, I’ve shared photos with friends and family via email. I do have a Flickr account but only have 3 photos up there. I do have several albums at Photobucket…does anyone know if it has been a problem there? I have set my Flickr account to F&F only despite only having 3 photos and am going over to Photobucket to explore my settings a little more. (Update: My albums are “private”…just as I thought…but wanted to make sure. πŸ˜‰ ) If anyone has any info they’d like to share, please leave a comment. Like I said, I’ve done quite a bit of reading this evening and this post of mine is not inclusive of that. I simply wanted to help spread the warning.


~ Tamara
♥ oxoxox ♥

ps – If you are interested in seeing photos I do share, please leave a comment too. I will put you on the “list” if you are someone I’ve known a while and trust. πŸ™‚