You’re waiting with bated breath aren’t you?! 😉

First, let me show you our Hi-tech Number Generator!

We were going to use but everyone was doing it and, like I said before, we generally avoid following the crowd. 😉 Plus, my dear sweet children really really wanted to get in on the fun and they convinced me that using that site would not be as much fun as letting them draw names out of a hat. They’ve always wanted a reason to do that (they said) so I conceded! So, after I eliminated all those that didn’t link to us or didn’t email 5 other people or didn’t leave contact info (which eliminated nearly ½ of the participants!) I assigned those who were left with new numbers chronologically, wrote their names out on a piece of paper, cut them into strips and put them into oldest son’s favorite hat. Each child closed their eyes and took a turn picking a strip out of said hat. Then, they all agreed that the baby would be the most random chooser and graciously gave up the position of “final winner chooser” to her! (Didn’t I say they are sweet?! 🙂 ) I put their strips back in the hat and we gave it to baby for her to chose.

Here is a picture of the Expert Number Generator Operator with the winning strip!

Can’t make out what is written on it?

It is Kim from California Crew!

Congratulations Kim! I’m confident you’ll be able to put it to good use after looking around your blog. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who made our 1rst giveaway so exciting! We are looking forward to doing another one in the future!

~ Tamara
♥ oxoxox ♥