We have had a recurring bout of some kind of vicious bug since the last time I wrote. It actually started a few days before for the first couple of children…grouchiness, listlessness, general blahness…you get the idea. But the vomiting…oh the vomiting…didn’t start until the afternoon of my last entry or the day after. I don’t recall exactly. It’s all a blur. I commented in a reply to Robin that most had it sometime after that and that I was hoping me and baby didn’t get it. It wasn’t the Lord’s will unfortunately. Baby especially was very very ill! I’ve never had a baby this young get sooo sick! I was more than a little concerned… The good Lord pulled us all through though and I am one relieved and thankful mother! It isn’t completely gone yet…we are all still feeling a bit worn out and there seems to be some residual intestinal discomfort amongst some of us…but, for the most part, we are up and functioning and feeling ourselves again.

So, that’s been our week+ in a nutshell. Hope everyone else has been better. 🙂

~ Tamara
♥ oxoxox ♥