We had a busy yet fun Thanksgiving holiday! πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, some of us have had a sickness relapse… 😦

To recap last week/weekend:

Tuesday was spent doing the usual – homeschool, laundry, business work for the most part.

Wednesday my parents arrived mid-morning. Then, dh and I left in the afternoon with four of the children to do errands while the other three stayed to entertain Bumpa and Grammy one of which was the oldest to also help with the Thanksgiving dinner my mother was cooking. We had an early celebration with them as we would be heading north to spend Thanksgiving day with some good friends and my parents didn’t want to extend their journey that much farther. We had a great dinner upon arriving home with a lovely table set my our dear eldest daughter. My aunt and uncle and cousin stopped by a little later to visit for a bit as they would be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with friends as well. Baby L. was cranky so laid down with her to put her to bed and the rest of the evening was history for me. LOL I was sooo tired! It was getting later in the evening anyway so it was to be expected. Anyhow, the children were making so much noise late into the evening they woke the baby 3x before I finally piped up and said we wouldn’t be finished getting ready or be able to leave early if noone went to bed!! My aunt/uncle/cousin had gone home at some point in there…I felt bad missing the rest of their visit…so they were just up fooling around for my parent’s sake I guess. πŸ˜› Dh hustled them off to bed though and when he was through I was able to lay baby down and then went to the kitchen and laundry room to finish preps for the next day. I think it was 11:30pm or so. I didn’t get to bed until sometime between 2:30-2:45am. Needless to say, we weren’t up as bright and early as we were originally planning without me being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Thursday – Thanksgiving Day! We did straggle out of bed around 8am and since pretty much everything had been packed/laid out on the kitchen counter, all the children had to do was get up and dressed, grab their backpacks and snowgear and get in the car. Eldest daughter made everyone a quick bagel to bring with them. Meanwhile, I stumbled around in the shower, dressed, woke/nursed baby, packed my, dh’s and baby’s clothes along with some reading material and crocheting and then I was ready to get in the car as well. Dh showered, dressed and prepped the car. πŸ˜› I think I’ll switch tasks with him next time. LOL We said goodbye to my parents who would lock up for us and then head south to their home. We left around 10am. After one stop to use the bathroom and grab a couple last minute feast items, we arrived at our friends’ house 3.5hrs later. Another family had been invited as well and they had already arrived as they lived only an hour or so away from our friends. The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting then we had a wonderful feast together and more fun after late into the night! 3 families – 6 adults…26 children! The host family has 9 at home, the other visiting family has 10 and we have 7. Not a squabble or discouraging word was heard! LOL There was some stomping and flooring shaking though as the children danced a bit of the evening away on the 3rd floor – made the ceiling fan on the main level where the adults were gabbing and gabbing and gabbing πŸ˜‰ swing a bit. I peeked in on some of it and was tempted to join in the good ole folk dances the older girls were teaching mine but decided it was actually more fun to watch and observe the various interactions. Even the little boys were enjoying themselves! Dessert was had sometime in there and when the children started raiding the kitchen for leftovers it brought to everyones attention how late it really was! I think by the time everyone was in bed and all was quiet, it was around 1:30am. Another late one for me, but worth it. πŸ™‚

Friday – The older girls of our host family and our eldest daughter were up earlier than everyone and woke us with wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen downstairs. Dd and her friend took a walk to the nearby frozen lake after breakfast was cooked while waiting for all the late rising stragglers. Actually, it wasn’t too late…I’m pretty sure everyone was dressed and ready by 9am but time was fluid and a bit fuzzy for me. πŸ˜‰ Anyhow, breakfast was great and afterwards all the children dressed in their winter gear and headed into the woods to the sledding hill. Three of the children from the other family showed up unexpectedly about that time and went with them. So, the adults and baby were left to themselves a while to chat some more. πŸ™‚ Two of the boys were soon back to take the snowmachine and set a trap near the lake. After a while, all the troops were seen emerging from the woods and just in time as their mamas had lunch laid out. The wonderful older girls did dishes again (so nice to relax after every meal! LOL ) and then they gathered all the children for more dancing! Soon everyone was tired and gathering in the living room and that’s when dh and I looked at each and knew it was time to think about heading home. It was a wonderful holiday visit but it was time to let our host family rest and get back to their routine. We left around 4pm I think and arrived home around 7:somethingish nearing 8pm. I heated up leftovers from our Wednesday feast for dinner and then hustled everyone off to bed by which time it was a little after 10pm.

Then it happened…

Child #5 loses his dinner all over the living room floor. *sigh* (Friday night)

Child #1 woke the next morning (fairly early considering our latest adventures) just in time to say hello to Ralph in the bathroom. *sigh again* (Saturday morning)

Child #6 throws up at bedtime that evening. (Saturday night)

Needless to say, no church for us on Sunday.

All but two of them have been in bed with fevers, sore throats, etc. since returning home. So much for getting back to our routine this Monday… I don’t think it’s the return of the flu bug…I just don’t think it left completely PLUS the two other families we were visiting with had also had it over the course of the last couple of weeks. It was all compounded and rose again. Or, it could just be a nasty cold hitting while our immune systems are strained. So far me and dh are fine. Baby L. had a slight fever I think but no vomitting (which I’m sooo thankful for) but the slight elevation in temp could be to teething as well. Her second tooth is right there. A big sore swollen red lump and is making her craaaabby! I think she’s the hardest teether we’ve had yet. 😐

Goodness, I’ve certainly rambled long enough! It’s probably a good thing I don’t blog often! LOL

That said, a good week to everyone! πŸ™‚

~ Tamara
♥ oxoxox ♥