Amongst all the sickness, all of us at some point have enjoyed the leftovers from Thanksgiving. One thing in particular everyone raved about! What’s to rave about about leftovers? Smoked Turkey Soup!

My father smoked the turkey we shared on our early Thanksgiving meal this year. If you have the chance (and the means), smoke yourself a turkey! He’s done it in the past and every time it’s been the best turkey we’ve ever eaten!! My parents took some of the meat home with them but they graciously left me the carcass. 😉 Oh, the soup from it was sooo yummy! We all were bummed when it ran out. 🙂

The only thing more I could wish for from it was that whatever “magical powers” chicken noodle soup has on the sick would have worked on whatever vicious strain of flu we’ve had recently… 😕

~ Tamara
♥ oxoxox ♥