Officially typed up 4/13/08


Still no eggs…the stock pot is calling… 😛


11/03/07 2nd Annual Covenant Bible Church Reformation Day Conference! Chris Schlect was our speaker and he spoke on “The Ancient Church and the Nations.” Very interesting. He showed many slides and I’ve saved the supplementary text packet for further perusal and homeschool ideas. I really love the solid teaching we receive at our church. 🙂

11/22/07 Thanksgiving in Nelchina (pronounced “Nel-chee-na”) with friends. Spent the night and went home the next evening. Great time of fellowship! 🙂 Forgot the camera. 😦 But the children had fun dancing and sledding and eating and playing…and the adults talked and talked (and ate too 😉 )!


11/02/07 Snow 2 ¼ ”

11/10/07 Snow 2 ¼ ”

11/11/07 Snow 3 ¼ ”

11/14 – 15/07 Snow 2 ”

11/17 – 19/07 Snow 4 ”

11/21/07 44°F ! Snow melting like crazy!

11/22 – 23/07 40+°F again. Snow mostly gone!

11/24/07 Snow back again. 😛 3 ”

Total Snow = 16 ¾ “

An eventful and uneventful month at the same time. Our business has, of course, slowed down quite a bit although we are hoping for a good bit of activity over Christmas. Except for the two celebrations mentioned, we were pretty much just busy with every day life…which is never dull with a homeschooling houseful. 😉

‘Til next time…
♥ oxoxox ♥