Updated 12/08/07 – Added pic and forgot to say that it is a crocheted afghan…or “scrapghan” rather as it is made from left over yarn from various other projects or I’ve “inherited”, etc.. Totally random in color and layout. Very fun for a little boy! πŸ™‚
I started work on this blanket when I was still pregnant…back at the end of Feb./beginning of March I think. I had intended for it to be a birthday gift for 2nd son but, alas, a month wasn’t quite long enough to finish it. The end of pg was the perfect time to work on it as all I wanted to do was rest my weary body all day but I just wanted it bigger than I had time for…so, I’ve worked on it off and on since then and now near Christmas I think it’s gotten big enough to give as a Christmas gift. He knows I’m working on it, he just doesn’t know it’s for him. The sweet little guy always points out which square or squares he likes best when I lay it out and then eagerly asks if I can make him a blanket when I’m done with this one! With his big round eyes, endearing lisp and excitement in his voice, any mother would have a hard time resisting! So, this one is for my dear sweet innocent son who is growing so fast…so fast I probably don’t have much longer to have him ask me for things like this so enthusiastically! *sigh* Although, my 7yo son is asking me for one too… I’m not taking any chances. They’ll both get one! But, this one has been earmarked for second son for quite a while, so him first. πŸ˜‰

I made this dress just 2 -3 weeks after baby L. was born. I recycled a stained 18mnth infant undershirt by crocheting lace trim at the sleeves and then dying it in dark green dye. The color of the shirt matches the skirt perfectly although the picture doesn’t show that very well. She could wear it (when she reaches this size) as is but I think I’m going to do more to it. Add some thin green velvet ribbon around the sleeves with some beading. Nothing too fancy. I am going to make matching dresses for her sisters as well this week. Have t-shirts in all their sizes and am beginning the lace trim. When I dye them, I’ll also throw in t-shirts for the two boys and with their tan church pants they will all have “matching” outfits that I hope to have finished in time for Christmas pictures. (I’m hoping L.’s will fit her well enough to not look too goofy!)

Updated 12/08/07 – Added pics.
These are the first two dipes I made for baby L. Recycled flannel sheet with recycled flat cloth diaper cut and sewn in the middle for soaker layer. The first turned out well as far as shape and it fits well into a velcro wrap cover although I think I got the soaker layer too thick and it was a bit small even though L. is a petite little thing. There just isn’t enough at the sides to attach velcro or to pin for closing should you want to use it on it’s own. My mistake is that I forgot to add a decent seam allowance. So, I made the second a bit differently. The soaker layer isn’t as thick and the shape is a bit different. But, I added too much seam allowance this time and that’s mostly what I don’t like about it. This one is too big for her and doesn’t fit into a cover well. She’ll grow and it will fit her eventually but the point was to have some dipes to use now. Oh well. It is big enough to add some velcro to or pin though and I’m happy about that. I tried it on my 2 ½ yo to see if it would work as “night-time protection” but it’s a bit too small. She’s a big girl. πŸ˜‰ Anyhow, I made these a couple of months ago and they’ve been in circulation and I’m pleased with the general way both have worked as far as absorption, how they’ve washed up, etc. (Although the second was too big, I’ve tucked/folded it just right to use it.) I have the rest of the sheet sitting on my sewing desk with a couple other soaker layers ready to go…I just need to buckle down and finish using that sheet up. I just need to tweak my pattern…I’ve been putting it off though letting other projects occupy my time. I’m ready to get to it now though as I want that space on my desk back…and it really would be nice to have some more fitted dipes to put into circulation! πŸ™‚

I made these pads just a few days ago. Been meaning to do it for years! I just never made it a point to gather the needed materials…particularly the PUL. It wasn’t until the last couple of months, when I culled a couple of old sheets, towels and old cloth dipes for making some fitted dipes for baby L., that I got spurred to do so. The only thing I knew I needed to purchase was the PUL but went ahead and purchased some new flannel for them as well. I had originally planned the new flannel for the dipes but knew that they wouldn’t be seen under the covers I had since I wasn’t making AIOs and I wanted to be frugal so went ahead with the recycled materials for those. I was going to skip ordering new fabrics altogether but justified the purchase more by realizing I may not have enough sheeting because I also wanted to make pads for my older girls future use. Anyhow, the fabrics and PUL arrived about a month ago and I’m finally experimenting with some pads. πŸ˜‰ Here are the coordinating fabrics:

I was originally going to use flannel on the top and bottom of the pad with an absorbent layer and PUL layer in the middle. However, frugality poked in it’s head again, I decided I didn’t want to use double the fabric (especially since I was using new) so the first ones I made with just a top layer of flannel. I made each one a different design too so that I could see what I liked best. I have already figured out what changes I need to make for future ones but am pleased with the general look, feel and ease of use of them. I knew I would…I really don’t know why I’ve put it off so long… I don’t have a serger so I’m not totally ok with how they look but dear sil says she’s found a good used one for me and will be sending it soon! YAY! πŸ˜€ I’ll probably go ahead and play around with improving my design and try out some more with my regular machine. Once the serger is here, hopefully I’ll have something I’m really happy with and the serger will make them look really nice too!