After several cycles of warm/cold weather patterns in which we would receive snow and then practically all of it would melt, it finally looks like a winter wonderland outside again! We received approx. 2″ of snow yesterday…will it last this time? A white Christmas would definitely be nice! 🙂

See a previous entry from a few weeks ago and you’ll know what it looks like out my kitchen window this morning…again. 😉

The children were so excited and happy to get outside to sled again too! My 2yo is so sweet – she had so much fun yesterday she kept saying, “You snow Mommy! You outside snow! You boots? You suit? (wanting to get them for me to put on)” I really hated to turn her down but the baby needed nursing and a nap. *sigh* For the first time in a long time, I really felt like playing in the snow! Aah, the enthusiasm of children. 🙂 Today, if I can plan and execute things just right, I will take the opportunity I missed yesterday… How can I resist that cute pink Bubble with the chubby rosy cheeks all squished up by her hood?! 😉