Technically, I’m back online although I’m not sure how often I’ll have a chance to come and post anything. I’ve enjoyed my time off, have gotten alot done – mostly in the way of crafting – in the time allotments when I would have been here instead. I’ll have to post pictures of that I guess. 😉 Otherwise, the first few posts will probably be “housekeeping” type ones in which I record past events for family posterity. If you don’t want to be bored with “past history”, there might not be something for you to read for a while. Sorry. 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone an official happy start to Spring! We still have a ways to go up here until we see the signs of it but I know our friends further south are beginning to enjoy it already. Enjoy it some for us too! 🙂

~ Tamara
♥ oxoxox ♥