* Officially typed out 10/02/08

3/12 Whadaya know…an egg! 1 (L) Guess I was right with my prediction when I butchered Fluff – that they were a couple weeks away from starting up again. More guilt…if I hadn’t killed her we would have had that many more eggs. But, no, because she was faster than we were in getting to them although they are right in the garage and we are out there the split second their “boasting calls” are made. Daughter B. even said that she knew one of the other hens was going to lay and she stayed there to watch and make sure she got the egg first but Fluff just hung around the back end of the other chicken waiting and waiting too. If she hadn’t been there, it would have been pounced on. So, yes, I’ll quit beating myself up. Great farmer I’d make huh?! 😉 Raised killing meat for the family and yet one itty-bitty chicken made me feel remorseful. *sheesh*

3/14 1 (L)

3/16 1 (L)

3/21 1 (L)

Total egg count = 4 😛

3/03 Baby L.’s third tooth is finally in! (Right top lateral incisor.)

When P. is playing Peekaboo with L., she says, “Where is you?” instead of “Where is Leah?” So cute! ♥ ♥ They make me melt! 🙂

3/23 Resurrection Sunday – spent with church family!

3/26 Q.’s 5th Birthday! We love ya guy! Thanks for the great hugs! I thank God for you every day!

I can’t believe it…I really can’t. My baby Q. has definitely moved out of his baby/toddler stage and it staggers me how fast my family is growing up. 😕

I am so pathetically out of shape. (Hard to believe I was a dancer for ½ my life. 😛 ) Exercise has come in fits and starts around here. I really must do better. I haven’t felt as well after L.’s birth this past year…just in general, nothing specific that I can put my finger on really. Mostly age I suppose…although, I know there are many women older than I in much better shape. I really need to track what I do and have some accountability so here goes (starting from scratch once again):

3/31 50 crunches, 50 reverse crunches, various stretching

I’m thinking of transferring all my previous posts from my workout blog over here too as maintaining more than one blog is difficult during this stage of life. I’d update my stats in the sidebar too but I don’t have a scale. Just go by how my clothes fit…

3/16 First “rock climbing” of the year at our favorite spot around the Arm!

3/04 42°F! Another unusually warm day…feels so nice. 🙂 There was some wind and clouds with occasional flakes but it was nice for the children to have some warmer temps outside.

3/05 Temp dropped again to 33°F. Snowed 3″. Then, went up to 36°F and got windy. Preparing for a Chinook maybe?

3/06 Wow! 56°F and sun!! I know it won’t last of course but I’m definitely enjoying it! 😀

3/07 Fun while it lasted… Back down to 32°F and snow. 4 ” to be exact. 😛 Granted, it’s not really piling up with the melting spurts we’ve had.

3/10 46°F It’s nice again…but I’m actually getting tired of the yo-yoing temps.

3/11 Snow (just a dusting).

3/12 Snow 2″.

3/17 47°F

3/25 53°F

3/26 48°F I know this is just the lull before the storm… It always dumps on us in April. *sigh*

3/27 46°F

Total snow = 9″ (+ a little)

3/16 Saw our neighborhood coyote in the early evening!