Frugality won out! As much as I would like to purchase new hardware for our cabinets, I love being frugal more than I like shopping for something I don’t necessarily need. 😉 So, after some thought, I realized it was mostly the “matte black finish” that was attracting me to those choices. Yeah, I really like the cup pulls over the others but the others are nice too…and…and…

Well, the bright idea came to me to just paint them. I’m quick on the uptake huh?! 😉 I know I’ve read about it in remodeling articles before but it just didn’t come to me right away because, I guess, I was really drawn to those cup pulls. Anyhow, dh ran down to the local hardware store and brought home a can of flat black paint appropriate for the job. He sprayed all the handles and hinges for the cabinets and has them installed on the cabinets that we are finished painting.

Wow! I love my cabinets now! I’m still not particularly fond of the design of the handles but now I can look at them not only without cringing but with decided appreciation! 🙂

I love my Honey for his handiness. ♥ I love being frugal. ♥ And, I love that our kitchen is finally “taking shape.” ♥

So, what do you think?

Have a great weekend everyone!

♥ oxoxox ♥