Hi! Still around…it’s just been a busy week. Mostly updating our business site during my free/computer time. Stop in and check out the changes and get yourself a great kitchen tool at the same time! 😀 😉

We had a couple of snowstorms too that brought about 3ft. of snow! Oh wee. 🙄 Where, oh where, is Spring?! Actually, this is quite typical and quite expected…but, after the wonderful weather the week before and seeing so much of the snow disappear, it’s always a little disappointing when does indeed happen.

And, Baby L. had her 1rst Birthday two days ago!! We haven’t “officially” celebrated yet so no picture but we sang to her and made comments to her about it all day so she knew it was a special day. 🙂 We’re planning on celebrating this weekend officially but pictures probably won’t be posted until I do a “month in review” type post. I’m hoping to get caught up with those soon so maybe the wait won’t be too long for those interested. 😉

Anyhow, those were the highlights. Otherwise, just normal busyness type stuff…you know, homeschool, Mt. Never-rest, dishes, vacuuming, etc., etc.

‘Til next time…

♥ oxoxox ♥