“Like the church, the state has made itself irrelevant. Its power has grown with far greater rapidity than the freedom and tranquility of the people. Its grasp of reality is poor because the state sees itself as the maker of reality. Mitchell, in Bismarck and the French Nation, referred to Otto von Bismarck’s “habitual paranoia” and its impact on history. This fact of paranoia is now basic to the modern state: it distrusts families and intrudes on their domain; it resents the freedom of the church and seeks to curb it; it will not grant that many if not virtually all independent schools are better educators than the state schools; it controls business as though the state alone can exercise reason and morality, and so on an on. The state in every area has made itself a roadblock to the people to some degree or another. As the state’s incompetence grows, so too does its claims to authority, its claim to total irrelevance, and, in time, its claim to totalitarian power.

~ R.J. Rushdoony, from The Decline of Relevance, Chalcedon Report August 2007, emphasis added

A relevant quote considering current events.