Ok, I admit it. The thought of getting paid to blog was intriguing. So, I joined PayPerPost. I have been seeing links to it here and there and everywhere around the blogosphere but, per usual, I’m really busy in my home just with family, homeschooling and our home business and that means I’m slow on the uptake when it comes to checking these things out.

This is my first post about it, obviously, but I very much like the idea of being paid for something so simple. Granted, I don’t know what opportunities there are for it that are open to me at the moment because I haven’t browsed around the site too much yet. I’m not into shopping for shopping’s sake so whatever opportunities there are over there will definitely have to pertain to something I’m genuinely interested in in RL because I don’t want to send you shopping for shopping’s sake either. ;). If it will fit into a “regular” post I was thinking of doing anyway, fine that’s great. Or, if it sparks an idea to post about, great to. But I’m not going to suddenly revolve my blogging around it…so don’t worry about getting spammed a lot! 😉

Basically, I’m hoping I will be able to fit something in every once in a while to generate some “mad money” or to cushion the savings account a bit. Every little bit helps. I’m certainly not expecting it to fill up the gas tank of our Suburban or anything! 😛

If you are interested in getting paid to blog too, visit PayPerPost and see what all the “buzz” ia about! 🙂

♥ oxoxox ♥