I’m sooo tired. It’s been a tough week (plus a couple of days) while we pushed to complete an order of 300+ Ulus and stands. Very little or no sleep in varying degrees between dh and me. He left to deliver it around 10:30am this morning just after we finished it so I’ve been chilling reading backed up email, etc. I’m really feeling too burned out to even sit here… If I owe you an email or something, bear with me. I’m catching up on my rest and with the children today. I’m probably not even going to do much housework. Just make sure everyone has clean underwear to wear and clean dishes to eat on (oh, and food to put on them). 😉 My older daughters do great in helping things run relatively smoothly at times like this and I’m so thankful for them!

Ok, off to shower, eat, nap, hang out with the kiddos, etc. 🙂

♥ oxoxox ♥