Updated 6/19/08 to add missing pics.

I’ve had this post languishing in draft form for a couple of months. Thought this was a good time to revive it while I’m still reviving myself. 😉

Here are pictures of things I’ve finished since Christmas last year in the order in which they were finished.

Scrap-ghan for 4yo ds (now 5yo). I had posted about it last fall when I had the squares finished but not connected. It is spread across my queen size bed so, as you can see, it definitely came out a good size for a growing boy. 🙂

Narrower fitted dipes for baby.
(photo added)

Reversible Winter Headband for SIL. (I also made some hair scrunchies along with this that ended up not getting photographed…oh well.)

Prairie Dress and Pinafore for 9yo dd.

T-shirt Dresses for all 5 girls plus matching tshirts for the boys. Baby L.’s is not shown because I shared a pic in a previous post last fall. The boys t-shirts are also not shown as they are just a basic t-shirts dyed the same color as the girls and in the laundry anyway when I took this one. 😉 They all wore them for Easter and now they are regular everyday play dresses.
(photo added)

A doll afghan for 3yo dd for her birthday.
(Sorry no photo yet. It’s not quite finished. Still have to finish putting the squares together. Guess it will have to have it’s own post when I’m finally done.)

I didn’t miss not having internet connection so much this past winter as I missed being crafty and renewed my efforts in those areas. Now that summer is here and school work is slowing down and business is hopping and I’m on the computer more, I expect I won’t be as crafty through the summer months. A season for everything…

♥ oxoxox ♥