Officially posted 1/07/09


5/23 Happy Anniversary to us!! 🙂


5/06 1 (M)

5/15 1 (M)

5/19 1 (M)

5/23 1 (L)

5/24 2

5/25 1 (M)

5/26 2

5/27 1 (M) Also, found 2 eggs outside on front bank probably from last week when we let them out. Both M.’s. Laid the 20th, 21rst or 22nd.

5/28 1 (L)

5/29 1 (M)

5/30 1 (L)

Total = 15 Guess the Ladies had a little “spring rush.” 😉


5/11 Ok, you can’t really call this gardening but I did get outside and do some raking today. My aunt and cousin stopped by just after I’d gotten out there. They gave me a nice card and potted tulips for Mother’s Day. 🙂 (So, close enough for this category right?!)


We continued with some kitchen remodeling this month. Things are looking a lot different. Those who haven’t seen it in a long time (namely W.’s mother & sister) would really be surprised at the changes. Granted, it’s still in progress so it doesn’t look *wonderful* yet but eventually we’ll be finished. I think…I hope… 😛


5/07 63°F in the sun. Finally, some warmth again although it’s windy too.

5/20 64°F in the sun.

5/22 64°F in the sun. Is summer finally here??

This a rather short update/review I know. April/May begins the busy season for our business so I spent many hours in the shop. Not much else goes on when there are knives to be made…

Who could resist this cute little “package?” 🙂

Until next time,