I got on the freebie band wagon this past month. Thought I’d share what came in the mail for us.

In this large family, trial sizes aren’t going to go very far but I had an idea that prompted me to start this craziness. 😉 We have a “car box” as we call it. It is a small plastic tote in which we keep emergency supplies but it can also double as an impromptu snack/picnicing/camping box in a pinch. A few items it contains: flashlight and batteries (although I’m going to eventually replace these with a wind up flashlight – which we all have anyway but keep in our own various packbacks/purses/bags), matches, soap, sanitary hand cleaner, small pouch first aid kit, ½ gal. of H2O, plastic cups and utensils, etc. It also had quick emergency food type items that had gotten used up and I hadn’t replaced yet. My bright idea? Start filling it with food and other types of samples that could come in handy in pinch! One type of cereal freebie will not satisfy 7 children…but 7 samples will. 😉 Shampoo samples, handy wipe samples, pain reliever samples, etc….all small and fit great and you don’t need much as they are for “emergencies.” Perfect! So, with a handful of exceptions, most of what is shown above has made it’s way into our car box. Now the children can’t wait to go on a road trip and dig into the surprises! 😉

That’s my frugal tip for this week! Do you keep a car emergency box? What do you have in yours?

♥ oxoxox ♥