a knife making family when your 3yo dd is playing with her dolls and this is what you hear:

Girl Doll – “Daddy give me a piggyback.”

Daddy Doll – “I can’t. I’m making knives.”

Girl Doll – “Okay. Those knives hurt you?”

Daddy Doll – “They did hurt me.”

Mommy Doll – “Oh dear!”

Daddy Doll – “Take me to the doctor!”

Mommy Doll – “I can’t. I’m busy.”



Now, while our knives are extremely sharp, we can count on one hand the number of times dh has had a serious injury. (We are *not* counting the times either of us have been “knicked” by them though… 🙄 ) And, I’d never refuse to take him to the doctor/hospital if he asked/told me to!!! That silly little girl. LOL One of those times though, he did ask me to stitch him up…and I said, “I can’t!” Aaaah, the wonders of duct tape!!!! (I’m not kidding! 🙂 ) If it really were a matter of life or death, I’m sure I *could*…like if we were out in the boondocks with no one else around…and the local firestation wasn’t but 5 min. or less up the road…or we didn’t have friends or family that were highly trained nurses, etc. Sheesh. It’s just neither of us likes to go to the doctor or have unnecessary medical bills and are “do it yourselfers” in as many areas of life as possible. Did I mention duct tape? 😉

Yeah, it’s an interesting knife making life we lead. :mrgreen:

♥ oxoxox ♥