Okay, here are the new cloth pads I finished recently.

Again, these are from recycled materials and simply zig-zag stitched around the edge. My serger still isn’t up and running yet. It’s an older model that I don’t have a manual for and it has a broken piece that I need to fix. I’ve done a bit of looking online for a manual but so far haven’t come up with anything. So once I’ve gotten all that squared away, I think the pads will look even nicer. I’m definitely happy with them already though so no biggy. Also, the pads don’t have snaps on them and I do intend to add those as well. I have an old snap tool that dh has had for the longest time (inherited no doubt from his mother when she moved) that has been languishing in some leather crafting stuff of his in the shop. When I said I wanted to go to the craft store to get a snap tool, he pulled it out and showed it to me asking if would work. I don’t know at this point…I think I’ll still have to go to the craft store just to compare it, etc. It doesn’t have a brand name on it that I can see except the words “E-Z Buckle” which isn’t a brand I don’t think just the name of the tool of whatever brand it is (if that makes sense). The pads work ok without the snap – at least so far as I’ve just been home while using them and didn’t do anything too active such as hiking, etc. I’m sure I want the added security of the snap though so that research is amongst the top of my list of things to do.

♥ oxoxox ♥