Officially posted 1/09/09


6/1 2

6/2 2

6/6 1 (M) Also, found 3 outside. Believe they are from 5/30 & 31 or 1 might be from 6/3 (the days we let them out.)

6/7 2

6/8 1 (L)

6/9 1 (M)

6/10 2

6/11 1 (M)

6/12 1 (M)

6/14 1 (M)

6/15 2

6/18 2

Total = 21 Good Girls!


Night of the 9th or early morning on the 10th a bear tore off the rubber matting we had covering the cat door on the side garage door.

6/12 Went hiking in evening around Arm – bear made us leave earlier than anticipated! 😯

Night of the 12th or early morning on the 13th a bear tore at a box we had put in front of the cat door to block it off from smaller critters.

In family news, we visited with my dad (who had just returned from VT) at G & J’s house in the afternoon on 6/18. His cousins BJ and Kathy were also there from VT up for my cousin T.A.’s wedding. My cousin S.S. (T.A.’s sister) stopped by with her children a bit later and then they all left for the Peninsula.

Again, a short update/review. Knifemaking still in full swing. Busy, busy, busy!!

Until next time,