Officially posted 1/12/09


7/08 E.’s “Golden Birthday” – wrote a separate post.


7/2 8 eggs found in a nest outside! We knew they to still be laying but looked in all the likely (previous) places and couldn’t find it. We finally did…and unfortunately all the eggs are rotten!! :sick:

7/12 1 (M)


7/03 L.’s 6th & 7th teeth! 6 – right top lateral incisor, 7 – right bottom first molar.

7/17 L.’s 8th tooth! Right bottom first molar.


7/01 2 bear came through the backyard. Youngish…probably siblings that have recently left their mother.

7/02 The bears were in the backyard again. Saw only one but could tell there was another hanging around in the shadows.

Another short update/review. Business keeping us busy per usual. Don’t despair…I leave you with a photo sampling from this month…which shows we did have some fun despite having our noses to the grindstone. 😉

Fun on the swings!

Fun in the grass!

Alaskan Wild Rose

A bit of gardening…Yum!

Boys in the trees!

Girls in the flowers!

Reminders of God’s promises!
Double rainbows over our house!
(In the right hand corner, you can see the second faintly.)

Recent backyard visitor!

Until next time,