Officially posted 1/14/09


8/02 – 8/05 L. has really begun to walk! Not just two or three steps but sustained walking! On the 4th, she walked from the pantry all through the kitchen and dining area to the fireplace without falling down! 🙂 Wow, my baby officially isn’t such a baby any more…

8/09 L. is 16 months today!


8/28 W.’s bday!


8/07 New 3 basin sink installed in kitchen. Yay! Now washing those big pots our large family uses so often will be so much easier since one basin is deeper than average.

Well, so far, this has been the shortest update. I wasn’t need as much in the shop although I did do a lot of knife cleaning and packing in the house. This month we did a lot of school – what I would consider more our normal work load. Lots to catch up on and keep ahead in (ha!) if possible. Take the opportunities when we can as things can get a little topsy-turvy here on a moments notice… 😛 Oh, and I had a couple of health concerns that made me rest a lot (good thing I wasn’t needed in the shop as much!) that I’ll keep personal. Not very many pictures to share either. I did a “photo shoot” with L. for her “baby” portraits and there are a few pictures of the children in the kiddy pool, bouncy horses, swings, etc. but that would become redundant for you here. Maybe next month…

Until next time,