Officially posted 3/20/09


9/08 C.’s 10th bday! πŸ™‚


9/24 Found a nest w/ 6 eggs and some bits of shell. Don’t know how old but floated them/opened them. All fine and were used.


9/10-11 Trip to Glenallen. Camped out in the ‘Burban. That was an experience… πŸ™„

9/18 – 20 Seward & Soldotna

9/25 – 26 Family in Seward except me. Strange…haven’t been alone in years… Baby so big now. :-/


9/23 Woke to the first frost.

9/26 – 29 Gradually heavier frosts. Really frosty on the 29th.


I leave you all with some wildlife pictures from our drive to Glenallen/Chitna.

Great Horned Owl at dh’s old family homestead in Kenny Lake.

Trumpeter Swans in Chitna, AK

Dall Sheep outside of Chitna, AK

Until next time,