(Officially typed 1/23/10.)


12/14 Annual Caroling Party @ A. Pat & U. Harry’s house.

12/21 Children Christmas Choir @ church. (Girls sang. Some of us sick but went anyway. :-S )

12/24 Home for Christmas Eve as J & S’s party moved to after.

12/25 Home in the morning for tree & gifts with my parents. G & J’s in the late afternoon for dinner & gifts.

12/27 A. Sandy & U. John’s house for Christmas get-together. Went on bus w/ P&H, Candy, K & M & baby, J & T, etc.) Fun time singing carols and visiting before the party even started. 😉

12/31 At home for New Year’s Eve. Everyone dragging because of being sick so nothing exciting planned. Watched Prince Caspian late and then watched the fireworks from around the neighborhood.


12/21 Some of us sick.

12/23 Now I’m sick as well as the rest of us who weren’t before. *ugh* This will make Christmas pleasant. 😛 Plus, I’m still dealing with other “issues” that I haven’t quite figured out. Rather not state particulars here.

12/28 – 31 Still sick. Whatever this is, tenaciously clings. All the get-togethers and busyness haven’t helped I’m sure…


12/05 Left for Nelchina this afternoon. Arrived at friend’s house about 5:30pm and left there about 11:30pm and arrived home around 2:30AM. Quite the whirlwind trip!


12/08 Snow = 1″

12/09 – 11 Snow Did not measure. (Probably equaled 1″ – 1 ½” all together.)

Total = 2 ½”

This month’s pictures:

A doll blanket for L.

Finally, a family picture! It’s been a while…not the best of me. Boy, do I look tired and sick. 😛 W. wasn’t sick until *after* Christmas – lucky him! He and the kiddos look great though! ♥ ♥ ♥

(Photo is actually courtesy of W.’s cousin Carli. I just didn’t have time to create a different watermark… If she really takes issue with it, I’m sure she’ll tell me. *smile*)

All in all, a pretty uneventful month if you subtract Christmas and accompanying activities.

‘Til next time,