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January in Review

(Officially typed 3/11/10)


1/08 We heard baby #8’s heartbeat today! That’s right – we’re expecting again! Guess we could also list this under “Celebrations.” 🙂 I’ve suspected it for a couple of months but had some other troubles before hand that made us a little uncertain. Purposely waited to call the midwife so that when we went for our first appt. we could definitely confirm it with a heartbeat. We heard it so it’s definite! Yay! God continues to bless and grow our family and we’re thankful and humbled beyond belief! PTL!


1/09 Haven’t written much about the chickens as they haven’t been laying and just doing what chickens do otherwise. Today though we found our last two chickens dead in their pen. I won’t go into details but we’re pretty sad. 😦 They had become more than egg layers…glorified pets is the term I used often. Nice chickens that liked our attention/petting, came when called (for the most part), etc. We’re going to miss them so much. 😦

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List of 2008 “Catch Up” Reviews

Here is a list for those of you who have been offline (Rebekah!) or just haven’t been by in a while of the recent “catch up” posts I’ve made. The posts have now been post dated so this will help you catch up easier too. 🙂










When I finish the rest of the year, I’ll add the links here.

I’m still here…

The end of ’08 was sort of rough. All of ’08 was rough in many ways. Needless to say, I haven’t felt like posting. Healthwise, I’m struggling. My energy is real low, and with all I have to keep up with, just sitting at the computer to type seems too much at the end of the day when all I want is my bed. Actually, I’ve spent much time in bed trying to get well… Anyhow, I didn’t post this to complain. Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m back in cyberland once again and with the new year I want to complete all the past updates quickly and get back on track as with other areas of my life. Catching up old posts is therapeutic in the “end of the year reflection” sort of way. Since I am nearly a year behind, I am getting a chance to reflect on it almost in it’s entirety and make those resolutions that will be good for me and the family.

So, once again, hang in there while I post some “old” stuff. Pray for me if I come to mind. Hopefully soon, I’ll be feeling up to resuming newer updates.

Thanks to those of you who still come by! Would you mind leaving a quick note in the comments letting me know you were here? It would be a great pick me up. 🙂

A Happy and Blessed New Year to all,

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