(Officially typed 3/11/10)


1/08 We heard baby #8’s heartbeat today! That’s right – we’re expecting again! Guess we could also list this under “Celebrations.” πŸ™‚ I’ve suspected it for a couple of months but had some other troubles before hand that made us a little uncertain. Purposely waited to call the midwife so that when we went for our first appt. we could definitely confirm it with a heartbeat. We heard it so it’s definite! Yay! God continues to bless and grow our family and we’re thankful and humbled beyond belief! PTL!


1/09 Haven’t written much about the chickens as they haven’t been laying and just doing what chickens do otherwise. Today though we found our last two chickens dead in their pen. I won’t go into details but we’re pretty sad. 😦 They had become more than egg layers…glorified pets is the term I used often. Nice chickens that liked our attention/petting, came when called (for the most part), etc. We’re going to miss them so much. 😦


1/16 Midwife appt. @ 1pm 13wks 3dys, P/G – None/None, S.G./PH – .010/6, BP – 110/60, Fundus – early, FHT – 158, Present – float.

1/17 C. sick and threw up.

1/18 Q. sick and threw up after church. Guess C.’s isn’t an isolated incident. (As if.) Hooboy, here we go…wonder how long it will take to make the rounds?! :-/

1/22 M. sick and in bed all day. (Day before my bday too. 😦 )

1/23 Midwife appt. (afternoon) – Supposed to have a blood draw but missed appt. due to everyone being sick.

1/24 P. woke us all up abt 7am throwing up. 4 down, 3 to go. At least it seems to be a 24hr. bug. ME sick in the evening. *bleck*

1/25 Me up around 7am throwing up. Sick in bed all day. What a way to be spending my bday the last few days. *sigh*

1/27 We all seem to be well now. No one else threw up after me and it was once, maybe twice, for those of us who did. Also, others just got snuffly mostly. Back to full school work today so I know everyone is feeling better.


1/10 I really have a “Growing Kitchen” now. Kefir, Kombucha, sauerkraut, sprouts going currently. Really want to add other fermented veggies to the mix soon. So healthy, so yummy and so much fun.


1/13 Snow – not much, 1/4″ maybe.

1/14 42°F, rain and high winds.

1/15 44°F, cloudy and high winds.

1/16 43°F and rain.

1/28 Snow = 1″

1/30 Snow = 10″ (Making up for the lack of snow the rest of the month I guess… πŸ™„ )

Snow total = 11 1/4 “

Pictures from the past month:

I didn’t get a picture of P.’s doll blanket because I finished it so close to Christmas and immediately wrapped it. I did get a picture when she opened it of course and here it is. The neat thing is that she and L. both also got a new dolly to wrap in them! The second pic is sweet little L. playing a “princess ballerina.” She is just so cute I had to show her off!

We had a Chinook come through mid-January. Can you believe it’s Jan. 17th in the above picture?! Notice the bare deck? How about the nearly bare ground? That’s our second son with bare feet!! Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last…

This is what it looked like a few days later and how we ended the month weather-wise. Second daughter and second son enjoy some sledding and sibling bonding!

Until next time,