(Officially typed 4/07/10.)

This was a rather quiet slow month. Not much to mention as we got back into a routine after the holidays and being sick. We focused mainly on our school work and, as I was still feeling rather rough with pg nausea, a lot of it took place in my room while I laid on the bed. 😛 A lot of reading!! Bible reading, history reading, science reading…you get the idea.

(It’s tough…and apparently tiring…getting back into the school groove!)

The 23rd we had a visit from my parents in the afternoon as Mom was up for appt. While she was here, she decided to get the little girls new matching dresses!

(Don’t they look sweet?!) ♥♥


2/28 P. had her first haircut! She’s almost 4yo (in April) and I hadn’t touched her hair at all unlike her sisters who got their first trims around 2yo. So it was a pretty big deal. She felt big too. 😉 Not a lot of hair…just enough to even it up around the bottom. It sure looks cute!

(Back and front. Pictures from previous months show before.)


2/28 We finally had some snow again. 6″

Total = 6″

And that’s all folks! Short and sweet.

‘Til next time,