(Officially typed 4/10/10)

Again, kind of a slow month…but that’s ok! I really like it when we can focus on our school work because in the spring when the business picks up again and, obviously through the summer, it’s hard to buckle down and concentrate. In the fall, we struggle getting going again and, before you know it, the holidays are here again and distracting everyone. But, that’s ok too. It’s just nice to have a time of concentrated effort although technically we school year round.


3/4 M. got her driver’s permit!! Our first to drive! *sigh* I wish time would slow down a bit…ok, a lot!!


3/5 Midwife appt. – Didn’t get one rescheduled in Feb. after I couldn’t make it in Jan. so it’s been a while! 20wk 3dy, weight – skip 😉 , P/G – none/none, S.G./PH – .000/6, BP – 126/60, Fundus – 19, FHT – 140, Present – OA.


3/5 Light snow, didn’t measure.

3/9 Snow, not much accumulation, didn’t measure.

3/12 Snow = 2″

3/14 Snow = 1″

3/16 Snow, light, no measure.

3/17 52°F in the sun! Sliding door open and we’re enjoying being on the deck!

3/21-22 Snow = 4 ½ ”

3/27 Snow = 4″

3/28 Snow = 5″ (approx.) Also, we got light ASH fall about 6pm from Mt. Redoubt!

3/29 Snow = 4″

Total Snow = 22″ (approx.) We always get hit hard sometime before spring. No exceptions this year. *sigh*

(Older son shoveling the deck. So glad to have one more person added to the roster for taking turns. 😉 So glad to have a young man beginning to take over the job too! Especially now that I’m pg again…)

This month Mount Redoubt decided to give a little excitement too! We got a little ash fall from one of the eruptions.

(The grey patches are ash.)

One last picture for the month:

(After taking a break from desk work one afternoon, I came back to my desk to find a neat row of little people. My youngest must have thought I needed the company. 😀 )

‘Til next time,